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The requisite stocks were purchased by a single family, so the company moving out of the public market.At the end of the day, Trion seems to be managing this well. Numbers don't just stand on their own.Dragon's Prophet gold with the similarities to other games, Eligium has unique features that might make it worth checking out.

  1. It is planned to release in Q2, but interested gamers can go to the site and apply for the open beta, which is happening now.The secret to that is: more dragons! Dragon's Prophet released its second Dragon's Prophet gold trailer today, dubbed Living Metal!And if you are in the Seattle area over the weekend, stop by Dragon's Prophet's PAX Prime 2013 booth, during expo hours to play the game, chat with devs, and win some swag.
  2. Developed by Beautiful Game Studios and Shanda Games,Championship Manager will initially launch in China with a possible international release later down the road. A beta for the title is to be announced shortly.Heck, the biggest news remotely related to betas was Funcom's dipping into LEGO MMO waters. It's not in testing, but it should provide a test to look forward to for LEGO Universefans.
  3. The German publishing giant, most famous for bringing Runes of Magic to the masses, announced that it has secured the rights to a new fantasy MMORPG fromShanda Games, a Chinese developer.
  4. Due to extensive feedback from the playerbase and mixed reviews, Square-Enix extended the free trial period for new players to a full two months -- a rarity in the industry -- as the company worked to shore up FFXIV's weaker points.Square-Enix points to a couple bright spots in the near future -- a partnership with China's Shanda Games and the upcoming spring 2011 release of Final Fantasy XIV on the PS3 -- that should help boost sales.

By licensing the game for North America and Europe, we have taken another step in establishing Frogster as one of the leading Dragon's Prophet gold game publishers in the world," said Andreas Weidenhaupt, a Frogster executive board member.It focuses on the free-to-play fantasy MMO's PvP alliance matches, otherwise known as the Frontier System.

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