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When an island is brought under control by an alliance, that alliance can appoint a Highlord who will be responsible for managing several aspects of the island.If you're playing the game in Europe, you can start enjoying this update now, along with the several bug fixes and improvements included in the same patch.Next week, Dragon's Prophet gold will be receiving its first major update since the open beta went live, and it looks like there's plenty on offer for players of all kinds.

You to know about the game's latest open beta update, which includes the Fafnir Dragon event, a style shop, one-to-30 leveling curve tweaks, and more.In the meantime, don't forget to watch the trailer after the cut!The combat system is refreshing insofar as it actually requires a modicum of focus and quick thinking rather than the monotonous rotation-spam style of combat that many modern MMOS embrace, but again, the lack of polish tarnishes what would otherwise be a shining feature of the game.Generally, equipment upgrades in free-to-play MMOs come with a chance of failure that can often be nullified through a purchase from the item shop, and while that remains true for Dragon's Prophet gold, I was relieved to discover that the failure-chance-reducing items can also be acquired by breaking down pieces of equipment using the extraction process.More interesting still is that combos can, to an extent, be woven together. In my last example, I could instead execute the first two attacks of the combo by pressing E followed by LMBYou just can't get more quintessential fantasy than dragons, and EverQuest II's newest expansion is all about dragons. Dragon's Prophet EU is introducing the first raid experience, a 10-man (and 10-dragon) affair, in the next update scheduled to hit in just a few days along with a level cap raise to 90.

Players might be more interested to know that participating in the festivities will earn them a unique title for their troubles.Dragon's Prophet gold officially launches on September 18th.And to top all of that off, players will finally be able to take up residence in their very own homes thanks to the introduction of dream islands. Oh, and there's a new level cap (yes, already). Players will now be able to adventure all the way up to level 70. The two-minute clip features plenty of player-on-player action, capture points, resource gathering, and ally summoning rituals.

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